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Standard and key points of design and construction of laboratory ventilation system engineering
Standard and key points of design and construction of
laboratory ventilation system engineering

Ventilation system in the laboratory construction and design of the most extensive. The improvement of ventilation system, a direct impact on the laboratory environment, the experimental personnel of health, equipment operation and maintenance. 

Laboratory ventilation cabinet gas leakage, ventilation cabinet noise and other issues, on the management and logistics personnel around the laboratory, causing serious physical and psychological damage. A scientific and reasonable ventilation system requires good ventilation effect, low noise, easy to operate, save energy, and even the requirements of indoor pressure and temperature and humidity can keep the body's comfort.

According to the characteristics of the building structure, the nearest open air shaft, division of ventilation and air supplement system, piping systems do "short, flat, smooth, straight", decrease the resistance of the system, can effectively reduce the system noise. In order to make the laboratory fume hood exhaust and air supply system to achieve the air flow balance, to maintain the negative pressure from -10Pa to -5Pa indoor, to prevent the spread of harmful gas overflow, so as to ensure the physical and mental health of the experimental personnel.
(1) The cold winter with warm wind fill, the hot summer with cold wind fill, and ensure the indoor temperature and humidity comfort.
(2) The intelligent variable frequency control system is adopted to achieve the purpose of convenient operation, energy saving and noise reduction.
(3) Comprehensive consideration of various factors, the use of less investment, stable operation, low operating cost, good running effect of the mature technology.
(4) The selection process must meet the site conditions, the layout is simple, compact, less occupied, and facilitate the production operations and maintenance.
(5) Non-standard equipment should be in line with national or industry related standards, and ensure stable performance, beautiful appearance.
(6) Full consideration in the design of laboratory ventilation cabinet noise, odor, etc., to prevent the generation of two times, not to cause new pollution to the surrounding environment.
(7) Treatment facilities need to have the ability to impact load, to ensure that emission standards.