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Service We Provide:
Lab Planning & Design
Lab furniture layout design and drawings
Lab media engineering design
Ventilation system design and drawings
Safety design
Gases supply system design and drawings
decoration/renotation design of old/new laboratories

Lab furniture manufacture and installation

Fume hoods, Include fittings, cup sink, waste drain and electro.
Under bench cabinets
Bench tops, include sink unit and water faucets
Reagent shelf units

Medias supply and installation
Electricity, water, gas, waste and other interface
Tubing system for daily water, waste water
Tubing system for pressured air, Nitrogen
Power supply wire distribution

Ventilation system and installation

Exhaust duct system and centrifugal fans
Fresh air supply duct system and fans, including air-conditioner and fresh air
VAV control unit and system integrated

Safety system
Emergency Shower and tubing system
Emergency exit
Recommended lab safety manual
basic training on lab furniture and fume hoods application

Gas tubing system
Bottle room/cabinets and their accessories
Tubing system installation

Organization quality mission:
1, Provide laboratory planning, lab products and engineering services that are consistently and reliably in compliance with the customer, company and regulatory requirements.
2, Maintain a quality management system that provides the frameworks for achieving customers satisfaction, prevention of nonconformance, and continual improvement by applying a process-based approach throughout the organization.

Business Procedure: