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Products > Storage Cabinets > > metal instruments storage racks
Product name : metal instruments storage racks
Item : JTM-SC15
Price : negotiable
Material: : metal
Size: : customized
OEM: : yes
ODM: : yes
Free Design: : yes
Delivery: : 7~15days
Place of Origin: : jiangsu
Certificate: : CE,ISO9001,ISO14001
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 steel pallet rack


Beam Feature

4 holes 11"*2"*5" P shape beam,slotted connection&bolted connection. Beams can be adjusted every 2".

A,Hot rolled steel moulding, bearing evenly.
B,Various specification and load capacity to meet different storage requirements.
C,Beam hitch steel’s teeth are designed to different direction; this not only makes the teeth for increased rigidity.
D,Connection between beams and pillars are performed by safety bolts and clips.
E,Optional accessory is nameplate holder.


Uprights feature

In clined beam has two type longer,one is used loosely for the upper of the rack,the shorter densely for the lower to improve the bearance and solidity.

A,Polyhedron with thirteen faces.
B,Pitch is 50 mm, beam is adjustable.
C,Triangle hole easily tightens to hitch steel and strengthens the load capacity of posts.


Support for metal box

Used for placing mesh box and metal container etc. with stacking feet, safe and reliable.

 Wood shelf and support bar

The plywood, 20mm thick, is in the salience of knighthead. Each pallet has a pair of knighthead.


Located at the sides or corners of shelving to be away from impact by forklift.

 Pallet stop

For pallet stop, speciully for fork lift in top oppration.

 The rack belongs to storage rack series with rods no board.


1)  its specification is 2000*800*3000 with 90*70 standing column

2) Its crossbeam is also 50*120<mm> with 2.5depth.

3)The thicness of standing column is 2.5.

4)The depth of crosspiece is 1.35.

5)every size ,model and color is availble .

6)loading weight is 1.5ton

7) the quatity of layers: four layers whose pitch can be adjusted easily as your require.

8) we have the CE/ISO9001 certificate

9)Warm welcome your inquiry.

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