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why the epoxy resin countertop is the ldeal choice?
Advantages  of Epoxy resin countertop:

* Superior resistance to corrosion: Epoxy resin face most corrosive chemical reagent has excellent corrosion resistance.
* Excellent resistance to high temperature: epoxy resin countertops at 600 ° C with a crucible exposure no blistering, no fracture, with superior resistance to high temperature.
* Durable and repairable: Epoxy resin countertops one without pores through the core can be polished to repair, restore renovation, long service life.
* Complete Environmental Security: epoxy countertops free of asbestos, non-flammable, non-conductive, non-toxic gases, effective against bacteria.
* Excellent value for money: Epoxy resin countertops have a variety of thicknesses, laboratory table is most cost-effective on the market.
* Stable multicolor Appearance: epoxy countertops for black, gray, green and other colors and glossy Pock choice.