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present situation and brief guide of laboratory design & planning in China
Present Situation and Brief Guide
of Laboratory Design & Planning in China

Laboratory building is different from ordinary construction, it is not simply choose the reasonable laboratory equipment, but also considering laboratory overall planning, process, power supply, water supply, drainage, communication, network, heating, ventilation, air purification, fire safety, environmental protection infrastructure and basic conditions.

It can be seen that the construction of the laboratory is a complex system engineering. Advanced scientific instruments and excellent laboratory environment is an essential condition for the improvement of laboratory modernization, also intelligent, safe, efficient, comfortable, energy saving, environmental protection is the ideal elements of the construction of the laboratory.

In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the laboratory design and construction is a mature industry. But in China, it has just started. In the higher education system of China, the design of the laboratory is a blank. 

Laboratory design planning personnel should be familiar with laboratory work processes, laboratory equipment, laboratory safety and laboratory related professional knowledge, but also should have the basic knowledge of laboratory engineering design and construction. Even a very experienced class design institute, in the facing of different sectors of the laboratory construction case, often also need to seek professional help.

Modernization construction of laboratory, first of all is to customized laboratory overall planning and laboratory to determine the nature of the task, basis and scale determined by laboratory type function and process conditions, then on the basis of sufficient investigation and research to complete the preparation plan.