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laboratory fume hood
Laboratory Fume hood

Fume hood is an indispensable laboratory furniture in the play. The effect of ventilation and ventilation in the laboratory. The structure of Fume hood is up and down type, at the top of the exhaust hole, the fan can be installed. OTC in a guide plate, circuit control touch switch, power socket, a perspective window adopts toughened glass, move left and right, or up and down for operation. Under the cabinet by experimental bench style, above the table, below is the cabinet table can be installed and also has a small cup.

Fume hood materials by a variety kinds of, all steel, steel-wood, wood, aluminum and wood, PVC, PVC structure, the table is direct operator contact with the place, by solid core physical and chemical plate, stainless steel plate, PVC, ceramics and other materials. Many old Fume hoods were made of wood, but modern manufacturing with epoxy coated steel. Common cabinet width is 1000/1200/1500/1800 and 2000 mm, deep several specifications, 700-900 mm, 1900-2400 mm high. Can been used for 1-3 personal at the same time.

In front of the middle of up and down moving transparent door (glass), opening height is generally 100-600 mm. Door to the experiment of working face, the water, sewer, power supply, vacuum pump, gas pipelines, etc. the connection, with protective cover of the lamp. The air inside the cabinet above the fan removed, or piped elsewhere (called full ventilation), filtered or re cycled (called ductless).

The majority of ventilation cabinet in the exhaust volume is too small or too large in front of the glass door open when the alarm, to remind the operator to pay attention to. General glass doors all open after the operation velocity should not be less than 0.5m/s, the fan speed and the lamp has adjustable switch.

Fume hoods according to the classification status of their using, for the overall lower open, floor type, two type, glass on three sides, the type, table type, Siamese style and designed according to the needs of the different experimental use of the radioactive of and synthesized in laboratory, the experimental chlorate dedicated Fume hood

Safety is the biggest mission in pursuit of Fume hood, laboratory ventilation cabinet is to ensure the safety of users and prevent the pollution to the surrounding environment. In addition, the Fume hood must also caution when in use:
(1) Before the experiment began, must ensure that the ventilation cabinet should be in the running state, to test operation.
(2) Before the end of the experiment, but also at least continue to run more than 5 minutes before closing the ventilator to discharge the residual gas in the pipeline. It can be installed exhaust time delay device, ensure the fan delay operation.
(3) In the experiment, from the glass window in 150mm don't put any equipment, large-scale laboratory equipment to have enough space, should not affect the flow of air, the front window as far as possible to close.