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lab & lab furniture plan
The laboratory planning
Before the design,Firstly must  understandi the content of the target lab room, and make a preliminary plan.
1. The design of modern laboratory, the first to put forward the general layout of laboratory,  determine the nature of the laboratory,
Purpose, task, and according to size, all kinds of function of laboratory and process conditions were determined and size.
2. The overall concept of interior space, such as room shape, size, etc.
3. The type of smallpox and height, etc.
4. The ground to different lab according to the different ground, can not use marble floor in the laboratory.Now people
Are the most commonly used
Two ground and oxygen resin ground, also some use ceramic tile.In addition to pay attention to the type on the ground, also
Pay attention to the fluctuation conduit location, etc.
5 metope, including the location of the cylinder, high windowsill, the width of the skirting board to determine clear, this is very important to a party
Surface, because these are often appear in the concrete construction of problem.
1.2 laboratory bench
For laboratory planning and design,
Without understanding the dimensional parameters of the laboratory furniture and laboratory bench design patterns,
Such as
Seated bench height between 750-850 - mm, usually if men of high ratio can also be considered laboratory 900 mm high.Standing type height between 850 mm to 920 mm;The length of the table is usually appropriate to consider each 1200 mm (minimum) should not be less than 1000 mm, while the organic chemical experiment
Shall take some long, 1400-1600 - mm.Reagent frame height is 1200-1650 - mm
Between;The tall ark can reach 1800-2000 - mm, etc.Is the focus of the design mode of safety and convenience, there are several common design style: 1 island: is one of the most common model.Commonly used in large space, indoor form of rectangularity.This pattern of
The point is the flow smoothly.
Peninsula type 2: this is also a kind of typical way of application of this model is applicable to the narrow room.
3 L: L form is suitable for the relatively narrow room.In addition to the above three, there are U with one word (i.e., the side test bench) layout is also more commonly used.
When designing chemical analysis experiment, usually in the middle of the laboratory configuration from the two sides are able to operate in the middle of the test bench, on both sides of configuration and test bench, test platform, test bench.Fume hood, medicine cabinets, drying cabinet, etc., equipped with purification, constant temperature and humidity equipments according to need,
In order to increasing the use of the space as much as possible, often will need to be equipped with some planar test bench.
In order to facilitate analysis instrument operation, special gas piping analysis instrument to use,
Should try to be close to the analyzer