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Clean laboratory design requirements

Clean Laboratory Design Requirements

Clean laboratory is divided into general clean laboratory and biological safety laboratory.
General Clean Laboratory
Ordinary clean laboratory experiments is not contagious, but environmental requirements of the experiment itself does not cause adverse effects, therefore laboratory is not provided with a protective facilities, and cleanliness must meet the requirement of experiment, so to disinfect laboratory.
Biogical Safety Laboratory
Biosafety laboratories were needed in the field of bio safety laboratory is a protective facilities, realize the secondary protection of the biological laboratory. Where the microbiology, biomedical, functional assays and gene recombination of scientific experiments. The core of biological safety laboratory is safe, according to biological risk degree designated as P1, P2, P3, P4 four grade.
P1 Laboratory for very familiar with the etiology and the pathogenic not often lead to healthy adult diseases, little potential for laboratory personnel and the environment. The portal should be shut down, according to the general microbiology experimental operation.
P2 lab applicable to moderate potential dangerous pathogens to human and environment. Entering the restricted area of the experiment, the possible aerosol experiments should be performed in a class II biological safety cabinet, also shall be prepared in the autoclave.
P3 laboratory applications in clinical, diagnosis, teaching, or production facilities, in the level of carry out work related to endogenous and exogenous pathogenic, if exposure to inhaled the pathogen can lead to severe potentially fatal disease. Laboratory set of double doors or airlock and external isolation experiment area, non to prohibit the the office staff, laboratory full negative pressure, the use of II class biosafety cabinets experiment, in an efficient filter to indoor air filter back to the outside.
P4 laboratory requirements are more strigent than P3 laboratory, some dangerous exogenous pathogens, have for aerosol transmission caused by the laboratory of infection and lead to life-threatening diseases to be highly individual risk and relevant work should be in the P4 laboratory. Using independent buildings in isolation region and an outer partition structure, indoor maintain a negative pressure, experiments were performed using a class III biological safety cabinet, set air separating apparatus, shower room, operation staff should wear protective clothing, non the office staff are forbidden.
The core of the design of the biological safety laboratory is the dynamic isolation, the exhaust measures are the key, emphasis on the spot disinfection, attention to clean the sewage diversion, prevent accidental proliferation, need to be moderately clean.