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Vertical eyewash introduction and useage

Eyewash use - Vertical eyewash
Eyewash generally divided into five categories: namely, composite eyewash vertical eyewash Wall eyewash eyewash desktop, portable eyewash, customers may need to select a suitable price and features eyewash.
Vertical eyewash: A 304 / 316L stainless steel, only wash function, assembly is simple, easy to install, quick operation, you can choose different additional functions depending on the installation options, such as: corrosion, hands linked, Jane emptying antifreeze, dustproof clamshell (automatic water can open the lid)
1) Anti-corrosion: 304 stainless steel on the basis of processing plus a "high temperature electrostatic powder", easy to swap, and anti-corrosion effect, able to cope with a variety of acid and alkali environment provided protection remains intact.
2) hands linkage: On the basis of conventional eyewash on the other can be equipped with high-performance pedals, when a crisis occurs dangerous goods operation, can quickly depress the pedal flush eyes, face, arms, neck, face, "" as a doctor to gain time.
3) emptying antifreeze: in response to cold temperatures caused icing set can not be used, can be added with emptying antifreeze device, set up to ensure good use in order in the event of danger, quick cleaning.
Eyewash to use:
Wash system: wash system: eye wash nozzles with built-in double-layer PP strainer (never rust) can filter debris in the water, cleaner water, and the other using the principle of pressure relief, the discharged water into foam, more moderate, in the course of the excesses will not flow inside of the eye nerve and eye mask cause secondary damage. Compared with the traditional eyewash eyewash better and safer! When you need to use the wash function: Manual clockwise push eyewash push handle, turn the switch wash rinse (if hands linkage function, depress the foot, to the water), After use, the manual hand back counterclockwise push handle switch, turn off the water.