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Standard Operating Procedures for laminar flow

Standard Operating Procedures for Laminar flow
1. Purpose 
The establishment of a clean bench standard operating procedures to ensure the correct use of the table and reasonable maintenance. In this case,
2 range
Applicable to clean bench. In this case,
3 Responsibilities
QA personnel to comply with the implementation. In this case,
4 content
4.1 Preparation basis
VD series clean bench instruction manual. In this case,
4.2 working principle
The table is a vertical one-way flow of local air purification equipment. In this case,
Indoor air through the pre-filter filter, the centrifugal fan will be pressed into the static pressure box, and then filtered through the high efficiency filter from the wind blowing surface to form a clean air. Clean air flow with uniform cross-section wind flow through the work area, resulting in a high clean working environment.
4.3 Structural features
4.3.1 workbench by the chassis, high efficiency filter, fan, work surface, the operation panel and other major components. Chassis made of high quality steel, the surface by paint treatment. In this case,
4.3.2 The working table adopts the air volume of the high and low adjusting fan system. By adjusting the working condition of the fan, the average wind speed in the clean work area can be kept within the rated range, and the main parts of the worktable are effectively prolonged Efficient filter life. In this case,
4.4 Using the Operation
4.4.1 Operation panel settings
Operation panel with "fan, lighting / sterilization" two switches. Toggle each switch to control the "fan", "fluorescent / UV lamp" on and off. The "fan" switch can be used to control the fan in the following three operating states: "2" high speed running; "1" low speed running; "0" to stop running. In this case,
4.4.2 Operation flow Preparation before operation
Turn on the power switch (put in "1" position) on the back of the workbench, press the fan switch (put in "one" position), make the fan enter "low speed" state. And then press the "sterilization" switch (placed in the "O" position) to open the UV lamp. After the equipment has been running for 20 minutes, the system will start the normal operation. In this case, formal operation
Press the "lighting" switch (set to "1") to turn on the fluorescent lamp. When the initial use or replacement of high efficiency filter, the control fan at low speed running. When the use of a period of time, high-efficiency filter resistance increases, the work area below the rated wind speed, the adjustment of the fan at high speed running. In this case, End the job
The fan will run for ten minutes before closing. Turn the switches to the "O" position, turn off the fan lighting and all other outputs, end the job, turn off the power switch (placed in the "O" position). After each use with 75% alcohol will UV lamp surface and work area inside the surface wipe clean. In this case,
4.5 Precautions
4.5.1 Prohibit the storage of unrelated items on the work surface, in order to keep the work area clean air flow undisturbed, work to avoid obvious turbulence of the air flow action. In this case,
4.5.2 Prohibit the pre-filter into the wind parts placed items, so as not to block the air intake caused by reduced air intake, reducing purification capacity. In this case,
4.5.3 When the UV lamp is turned on, personnel must keep away from it, so as not to cause burns to the eyes and skin and cause personal injury. In this case,
4.5.4 Replace the high efficiency filter and pre-filter should be shut down. In this case,
4.6 Maintenance and Maintenance
4.6.1 Periodically remove the filter media in the pre-filter, the interval of 6 months, 2-3 times after cleaning, replace the filter. In this case,
4.6.2 Measure the wind speed periodically. If the wind speed test result is low, adjust the fan switch to "=" (high gear). In this case,
4.6.3 fan has been transferred to the "high-speed" state, the work area is still less than 0.36m / s wind speed, the replacement of high efficiency filter and efficient filter leak detection, if leakage should be sealed with sealant. In this case,
4.7 After using the instrument, fill out the "test equipment and equipment to use records." In this case,
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