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Select parameters and laboratory table tops

Different types of experimental environments for different experimental countertops; select the correct table, either pay the reasonable expenses, but also can greatly improve the operation of the laboratory comfort and life. 
Commonly used laboratory countertops ceramic, epoxy resin, is psychological plate, stainless steel four. One, ceramic countertops 
Ceramic countertops in the design, color and shape for arbitrary choice. Ceramic countertop features and performance parameters:
 β—† corrosion-resistant chemical nonporous, easy to clean
β—† impact resistance, scratch 
β—† fire-resistant, high temperature 800 ~ 1000 ℃
β—† hard, bearing good
β—† Anti-aging 
β—† free of solvents and toxic substances two, epoxy countertops 
U.S. DURCON production of epoxy resin is one of the world's recognized high quality epoxy resin, its products through SEFA Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association, American Standard, NNC radiation by the British BS4247 assessment center test, conclusion "excellent" by the American Society for Testing Materials ASTM standards, through the National health Association standards, testing by China national Chemical Building Materials test Center. 
DURCON board trimming a variety of ways, L-shaped edge of the trim, water blocking edge, 3mm double chamfered edges, 6R arc edge, 13R arc edge, fake thick edge. 
DURCON board has excellent performance, countertop material on the market is one of the best overall performance of the laboratory currently. 
β—† resistant to high temperature above 600 ℃ --DURCON plate temperature, non-combustible case of fire, do not start, do not break, especially for a long time put burning furnace hood. 
β—† Anti Chemicals --DURCON plate containing inert materials for most corrosive chemical reagent has a strong resistance. 
β—† absolute proof, no delamination --DURCON board paper does not contain any ingredients, effectively resist moisture in the air, especially for console splash zone. Also DURCON board real one homogeneous material through the core, no delamination, no swelling, no surface scratches thick tortoise can be refurbished repair. 
β—† resistant to pollution --DURCON board smooth surface, no pores, not filth, effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, such as the SARS virus, especially suitable for biological laboratory medicine drink. 
β—† safe and reliable --DURCON board safety and environmental protection, non-asbestos, non-flammable, non-conductive, does not produce toxic gases when heated, safety and health does not infringe the operator. 
β—† Cost-effective --DURCON board unique 15mm thickness, is the highest price on the market system laboratory table. 
β—† color uniformity --DURCON board to ensure that different batches lasting color uniformity. Real psychology of Taiwan panel three, stainless steel countertops 
Stainless steel countertops, made of 316 thickness of 1.2mm, lined with 30mm particleboard. Stainless steel countertops Features: 
β—† no pores, no bacterial residue, easy to clean.
β—† Tensile strength is good;
β—† temperature and strong; 
β—† corrosion resistance of stainless steel countertops is bad, it is not suitable for chemical laboratories, however, suitable for pharmaceutical, food and other industries, particularly suitable for sterile biological laboratories. Fourth, the physical and chemical board 
Physical and chemical corrosion corrosion physicochemical board includes a thin plate and thick plate affixed foliated at high temperature and pressure polymerization by plant fiber and thermosetting resin seized from them are the measured results than the United States NEMA standards of quality surface material, worthy of your trust enough to give. 
In addition to the physical and chemical plate resistant to moisture, resistant to scratching, anti-impact performance, there are many other features:
β—† 24-hour resistance to chemical corrosion - can withstand a variety of corrosive acid and alkali substances, clear these corrosive within 24 hours chemicals will not leave any traces on the surface of the plate. 
β—† the high-pressure high-temperature --TRESPA TOPLAB layer may be exposed to prolonged physical and chemical plate at a temperature exceeding 140 ℃ of temperature, in extreme cases may be continued for 20 minutes without damage to the environment in 180 ℃, and the mechanical strength of the sheet is not reduced. 
β—† High strength - can be used to place heavy equipment. 
β—† easy to clean - Since TRESPA TOPLAB laboratory table reduces the number of seams, so to avoid the hazards of pollution, simplifying the cleaning process. 
β—† Health --TRESPA surface layer of high-pressure physics and chemistry panels TOPLAB smooth, dense non-porous, the material does not encourage the breeding of microbes and fungi, micro-organisms can not penetrate the core material. 
Note the use of physical and chemical board: 
Physical and chemical corrosion corrosion physicochemical board includes a thin plate and thick veneer physicochemical board, they are the result of the detection of more than U.S. NEMA standards of quality surface material, worthy of your trust enough to give, but you should the improper use, will cause damage to them, so please pay attention to the following usage precautions: οƒ˜ Do not let the concentration of more than 95% sulfuric acid or nitric acid and corrosion physicochemical board prolonged contact, especially over more than four hours of contact does not have to be. 
οƒ˜ exceed 180 ℃ high temperature corrosion physicochemical board will produce a color change or the paper surface blistering phenomenon, so do not let the molten metal, sparks and unsure temperature of objects in contact with. 
οƒ˜ When using superheated glass dish or coal stove, electric stove, gas stove, alcohol stove should be placed on these heat insulation tiles or triangular bracket, but not in direct contact with the surface. 
οƒ˜ Do not use abrasive cleaning corrosion physicochemical board containing acidic, alkaline or corrosive cleaning agents, so as not to affect the surface, rinse with water under normal circumstances, for stubborn stains, acid wash immediately available after second rinse with water. 
οƒ˜ Do not use sharp metal objects to scratch the surface. Five, Bai grams board 
Bai g plate is produced by a third agent Wilsonart tablet, it has a unique structure: a. Chemical film Chemical-resistant Film 2. Surface Paper Overlay Paper 3. Colored paper Deco Paper 
4. Special dedicated kraft paper (multi) Kraft Paper because of the unique structure, Wilsonart has excellent corrosion physiochemical board bending and impact performance, compared to other physical and chemical structure of boards, is more difficult to carry heavy loads and pressure curved solid countertops. 
VIA Asian Bai grams board features 
β—† resistant to 149 kinds, including acids, bases, solvents and other chemical reagents 
β—† after U.S. authorities SGS testing, Bai g plate with a stable antibacterial properties that can stabilize suppress four kinds of common bacteria: staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli and Klein Bussey Arts Le pneumonia bacteria growth 
β—† resistant to characterize performance to 4N, minimizing damage to the table due to improper operation, so that the laboratory countertops applicable longer life, more beautiful. 
β—† veneer panels can be bent Bai grams income side, eliminating the seams difficult to resist chemical erosion
β—† troubled co-dark lines, bright colors 14 colors to choose from.
β—† resistant, radiation-resistant, high temperature, impact resistance, easy to clean 
β—† Bai grams board by measuring the formaldehyde content of the National Chemical Building Materials Test Center for green products.