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Physical & chemical laboratory planning and design description(A)
Physical & chemical laboratory planning and design description(A)

With the rapid development of science and technology, the planning and design requirements of laboratory are also getting higher and higher. Nowadays, modern laboratory planning and design are mainly based on the requirements of GLP, and strive to meet the modern enterprise’s ISO14000, ISO9000, JGJ91-93 and GMP quality system certification requirements. The planning and design concept is expressed as the following three points:
 (a). Reasonable use of laboratory space.
 (b). Meet the working environment on human requirements.
 (c). Meet the requirements of Safety - working.
At the same time, the above three points is mainly showing in the following aspects:
Firstly, the basic requirements of the laboratory for the plane layout.
1.In the single sided working space, the aisle spacing is 4 feet, about 1200mm; the storage height is 5 feet, about 1500mm while the operating clearance is 2.5 feet, about 750mm.
2.In the working space of the double-sided, the aisle spacing is 5 feet, the storage height is 5 feet, about 1500mm. And the operating clearance is 2.5 feet, about 750mm, the same as the requirements in the single sided working space.
3.The distance between the test bench and the safety equipment is 6 feet, about 1800mm.
4.The distance between the safety equipment should be wider than 6 feet, about 1800mm.
Secondly, the basic requirements of the laboratory itself.
1.Laboratory lighting: generally speaking, physical and chemical laboratory should be heading to the southeast for sunshine. But the laboratory equipment should be toward the northwest for better temperature and humidity control.
2.Laboratory air conditioning: for the health of laboratory operator and the accuracy of the experimental data, a reasonable rate of air exhaust and air volume plays an important role.
3.Water & electricity system of laboratory: reasonable laboratory water and electricity distribution system is an important basis for the laboratory planning and design. In the planning and design process of laboratory, the electric, water, gas and other piping must put the laboratory content, architectural forms(top or cottage), future expansion, security, funding, functions and other factors into consideration. Our company, Jiangsu Cartmay Industrial Co., Ltd can provide the best piping system design and construction through the working practice.
4.The size requirements of laboratory corridors, doors and windows: the corridor width at least 5 feet. Door frame size for foreign countries (W*H) is 3 feet*7 feet while for China is 900mm*2000mm.
Thirdly, the guidelines of physical and chemical laboratory planning and design.
The guidelines of laboratory planning and design is focus on four point of views: (1)Safety. In the process of laboratory planning and design, the designer should give full consideration to the laboratory equipment safety design corresponding to the laboratory equipment, make sure to be able to effectively prevent the accidents. (2)Humanized. The reasonable configuration of laboratory equipment and optimization grouping of space is the most basic factor to achieve human nature. (3)Practicality. The products provided bu supplier meet the needs of laboratory experiments are the most realistic elements. (4)Preview. Modern laboratory is in constant development and change. Reflection what the customers did not reflect before, do what the customers have not perfect finished before. This is the necessary quality should have by each professional laboratory equipment manufacturing company.