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Measures for installation and installation of laboratory up and down water
Measures for installation and installation of laboratory up and down water
1, laboratory furniture, fume hood, water and electricity projects such as installation conditions
1.1 on the water:
The construction unit shall reserve the up and down water in the designated indoor position in advance, and the water mains shall be provided with a valve so that we can carry out the installation. In this case,
1.2 strong, weak:
Each laboratory should be building construction units equipped with distribution box, there should be sufficient current range and interface location for our lead, the distribution box should be equipped with open and leakage protection. In this case,
Each laboratory shall be equipped with all the Lan line interfaces required by the instrument, which shall be introduced into the laboratory bench by us.
1.3 walls, floors, smallpox
Before our construction, construction units should complete the ground, walls and the transfer of the buyer. Ground roughness error of less than 3mm. In this case,
2, the test-bed installation
2.1 Experimental table floor type floor cabinet:
A) Place the unit base cabinet upright according to the icon position and adjust the level so as to connect the base cabinets of the units in the same horizontal position. If it is a separate unit, the base cabinet should be fixed on the laboratory floor in a proper way. In this case,
B) Install the fittings and note that there is no entanglement or entanglement of any common system piping. C) If necessary, the units will be closely integrated with the same level, adjacent to the drawer and door are in the same center line. In this case,
D) Adjust the cabinet drawer of the base cabinet to switch smoothly, without any obstruction or loss of normal function.
2.2 Experimental table surface:
A) On-site construction: When the deck joint is to be bonded at the construction site, the process should be the same as that in the factory. It must use the special adhesive stipulated by the manufacturer, and the fixture and construction method stipulated by the manufacturer. Connection, most of the cut-off table, round and stop ditch processing should be completed within the factory before processing, not on-site processing. .
B) The adjacent abutment should be installed at the same level, the edge should be cut, must provide appropriate support device to avoid the support plate due to lack of support caused by collapse. When the countertop is engaged, the gap in the joint shall not exceed 3.175 mm (1/8 ") and shall be flat.
C) After the installation work is completed, care must be taken to remove debris from the table and clean maintenance work with special maintenance oil. In this case,
D) Provide the correct location and size of openings for the necessary sink and utility system fittings.
2.3 Sink:
A) Underground platform basin installation method
B) when installing the table with the size of the tank length and width of the narrow 30mm openings, mesa openings on the edge of the need to adopt 4 ~ 6mm arc R angle rounded. In this case,
C) The tank shall be mounted with steel suspension brackets (suspended brackets shall not be used to support the brackets directly above the bottom of the cabinet to avoid occupying the space below). The bottom of the table joint, the strength of the steel bracket to be able to support the full water level of sink weight without sagging deformation, the upper edge of the sink and the table at the bottom of the flush, and the mesa seams with mild anti-mildew silicone filled to achieve one and Leak-proof effect. In this case,
D) All sinks shall be equipped with an anti-siphon bottle type recovery unit. In this case,
All experimental table base cabinet should be an independent and complete unit, left and right double open the door cabinet to be open design, not to set the middle support column so as not to affect the access to items, landing floor cabinet with steel adjustment feet, From the ground height should be greater than 10mm. In this case,
All steel cabinets and frames are subject to a good and complete acid-resistant EPOXY powder coating process, the average thickness of finished paint film thickness of 75μm and above. In this case,
The doors and drawers of the base cabinets of the unit shall be easily switchable without any obstruction. In this case,
Check the adjacent base cabinets The same type and height of the doors and drawers should be in the same center line and not due to poor processing caused by uneven level, which the gap should be 3mm (1/8 ").
Inspect all openings in the outside of the table, which are plugged with appropriate plugs. In this case,
Confirm that all the experimental table epoxy resin table whether the special epoxy adhesive rather than silicone joint, the shelf for the beautiful water backplane and the table can be used to join the silica gel. The joint width of the gap can not exceed 3mm (1/8 "), after bonding the surface should be flat and not uneven.
The table shall be kept as intact as possible and shall be joined to the lowest extent possible. In this case,
Check the experimental table by the outer edge of the table below the edge of whether there is a ditch, the ditch for the processing mode
Concave rather than uplift, stop the width of the ditch should be not less than 2mm, the depth of not less than 3mm. In this case,
Check the position and interface of water, electricity, gas and air duct, check whether there is deviation from design,
Feedback to the project manager, the project manager and the owner or other contractors to communicate to determine the final solution. In this case,
The bottom cabinet in accordance with the drawings arranged in the same bench all the cabinets in the installation position of the cabinet will be the top
Adjusted at the same level (absolutely no adjustment in the level of the situation, such as adding wood chips and other items). Level adjustment is completed, the bottom cabinet and the bottom of the cabinet requirements of the gap is not more than 1mm, the upper and lower seam error of not more than 0.5mm. If it is necessary to connect all the base cabinets together, it must be connected after adjusting the level. The distance between the seams should be no more than 0.7mm. The size of the upper and lower seams should not exceed 0.5mm. In this case,
After adjusting the level of the cabinet, the pipeline installation
After the installation of the pipeline, the table will be placed in the base cabinet, the table and the surface of the joints can not exceed the distance
2mm, the distance between the two joints can not exceed the size error of 0.5mm, check the table is bent deformation, if the table has a slight deformation in the gap by adding rubber gaskets to ensure that the installation of solid table. Table installation, if the table has a protective film, must be installed, the acceptance before the removal of protective film.
Work if people have to step on the table, you must do a good job table and furniture protection.
Hot and cold water test faucet: US imports of copper vertical tap, the surface acid and alkali EPOXY powder
At the end of paint treatment. (Cold and hot water mixed outlet) can be rotated 360 °, the bottom one (cold water) is fixed, two around the distance 220mm (inclusive) or more, and are equipped with removable high-compression outlet outlet to facilitate the Connecting hose;
Precision instruments with gas ball valve: the use of European and American imports of stainless steel dual-port gas valve interface, export diameter 1/8 ", and a pressure gauge head.
2.19 Function column installation
A, floor-type functional column installed in the base cabinet before installation. Install a single functional column with screws tightly together, the functional column and the function of the distance between the joints can not be more than 1mm, to ensure uniform seams. If the functional column is mounted against the wall, the corresponding column is used to secure the functional column to the wall, depending on the wall material. In this case,
B, the functional column and the function of the distance between the joints can not exceed 1mm, to ensure uniform seams. If the functional column is mounted against the wall, the corresponding column is used to secure the functional column to the wall, depending on the wall material.