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Laboratory systems bench types
Laboratory systems

System type 1- No Frame

Worktop are mounted on Cabinets/ Panels, No Frame required.Cabinet touch floor directly

System type 2 - H frame

Lower cupboards can be suspended under the bench, equipped with wheels or places on 30mm square tube skirting board, Tall cupboards may have tubular skirting boards or closed skirting boards, Cabinets with built in sinks may have closed skirting boards, made of metal sheet with epoxy powder coating, applied at 90 degree, and epoxy resin base.

System type3 - C Frarme

C Frames are technology evolved as well as extremely functional and aesthetic, They are designed according to a modular combination,
Allowing a diversity of layouts, without interfering with the global aesthetic look, C Frames have several modules in length, depth and height, including corner module, Each unit is composed of a dismountable frame made of cold rolled steel tubes, with a 60*40*2mm  section, Subject to phosphatising and passivation processed, The benches are designed and produced accoring to lab standard