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Laboratory fume hood ventilation system
Laboratory Ventilation is an indispensable component in the design of laboratory system, In Order to make the laboratory staff safe, lab rooms should equip with excellent ventilation systems,To prevent some of steam, gas and paritcles absorption, pollutants must be cleaned by Fume hoods and ventilation hood or local ventilation method.
Laboratory Fume hood equipment is to ontrol the harmful chemicals substance and ensure the experiment in normal conditions, so We should effectively control the face veloctiy, During the experment, with openning of the door, the Fume hood opened area will change, velocity speed will change a lot, so it the Fume hood system cannot meet design conditions, it will influence the experiment and exhaust effect.
By analysis of ventilation system of Fume hood, adopting control systems to adjust the variable air volume and its venilation systems to keep face velocity stable. this way should be applied in wide range.

With the development of science and technology and industrialization process, scientific experiment is indispensable, every field laboratory construction is in full swing. scientific research institutions, industrial and mining enterprises, the majorr professional is widely to set up the laboratory for experimental study. laboratory in the test process, accompanied by a large number of pests such as gas, steam and dust and aerosols, it will cause damage to test person health.

Fume hood is the main safety equipment in lab, most of the experiments done in ventilation cabinet, Fume hood is a special form of air tight cover, harmful operation process completely in the side of hood, Fume hood has bore which can open and close operation and abservation. Through the study of the conbulsions of Fume hood to form a negative pressure inside, to prevent the ventilation equipmenet contained in the disturbance, the chemical reacton or heat source of hot pressing.

Accoring to the harmful gas density and the size of the air density is different, he form of the Fume hood  is different, Fume hood mainly include- the upper exhaust Fume hood, lower exhaust Fume hood, upper and lower joint exhaust Fume hood, at them same time, energy sacving and gas type Fume hood.