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Laboratory fume hood function

----lab furniture concept: it's mainly applied for physical & chemical experiments. including centre bench, fume hood, parmacuetical storage ects.

----Fuction of fume hood: the key function is exhaust system function, during chemical experiment, it often releases some harmful gas, odor, moisture and inflammable, explosive, corrosive materials. in order to keep safety of users, prevent pollutions diffuse, generally we have to use fume hood nearby the pollution source. 

Considering to improve the experimental environment,  experiments on the lab tables gradually transferred to the ventilation cabinet.This requires that the fume hood should have the most suitable functions for equipment.Most especially new laboratories are required to have air conditioning, therefore, in the construction of the preliminary design stage, the fume hood quantity should be considered into the plans of air conditioning systems.Because the fume hood occupies very important position in the biochemical laboratory, considering  the improvement of laboratory environment, the labor hygiene conditions,  the work efficiency , fume hood using number is dramtically increasing.Followed by ventilation pipes, piping, wiring, exhaust, etc those have become the important subject of laboratory construction. the biggest purpose of using fume hood is dischargeing harmful gases generated in the experiment, protect the health of the researchers, that is to say, want to have a high security and excellent operability, which requires the fume hood should have the following features:

(1), release function: with the function which can discharge harmful gases out of room
(2), not put back the clock function, the harmful gases of inside of hood cabinet should be absorbed by exhaust fan airflow, it cannot be back to inside of hood inside.In order to ensure the implementation of this function, a hood and a fan with a single pipe connection is the best way, if single pipe cannot use, combination pipes are allowed just for same floor, same room , ventilation fan is installed at the end of the pipe as far as possible (or roof).
(3), isolation function: in front of the fume hood should be in not sliding glass Windows will be separated in ventilation cabinet outside.
(4), the supplementary function: should have at the time of discharge harmful gas, from the outside of the fume hood inhaled air passage or alternative devices.
(5), wind speed control function: to prevent the harmful gas in ventilation cabinet escape, need to have certain suction velocity