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Laboratory Ventilation Engineering

Sales staff need to pay attention to some problems
 General laboratory project, sales staff are first to communicate with customers and know the most the situation clearly on the ground and on-site changing circumstances.
For the company design, technology and marketing apartment to have a better communication , and carry out further work, the propose for sales staff in the field are aware of the following questions: understand the basic situation of the site, including the interior length and width, there are baseboard or not, height and width of the windows and doors, size of beam and pillar, ceiling height (if any), number of story of the house, like which story the fume hood placed, floors height(the distance between the lowest beam to the floor), exact height indoor (if compared to ceiling, height will be under the compared to ceiling, otherwise the inter-floor height), the basic layout of interior, etc.

2 to understand the function of laboratories and basic layout of the surrounding housing situation;
3, to understand the basic layout in front and behind of the building (for example, whether to facilitate the installation of ventilation ducts freely or not, whether affect the laboratory building beautiful or not, the noise of the fan and gas emissions will affect the surrounding environment or not);
4, to understand the basic layout situation of the roof (for example, whether fans and other equipment can be installed at the roof);
5 to understand the clients’ material requirements to the fans and the wind pipe (if the duct need other material except PVC material, please offer the speciation);

6 to understand that the ventilation system is discharged, or sent directly to the external roof of emissions;
7, on-site whether it can provide 380V three-phase power (if not, please remind designers, and in particular specify);
8,whether the fan request explosion-proof (if necessary, remind the designers, and in particular specify);
9, wall, floor openings and Trapping, roofing, completion the base of fans and other equipment;
10, wind wells, tube wells and layout of the reservation (if any);
11, when the on-site conditions changes, sales staff should give feedback to the design, technical departments timely, in order to make corresponding changes;
12, in addition, Party A contact way and contact name should be provided to the construction workers before installation, sales personnel should actively cooperate with the on-site personnel and Party communication during construction,