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Laboratory Standards
Laboratory Standards
1. Laboratory is the place to carry out experimental research, no person shall engage in other activities in the laboratory.
2. Laboratory equipment, drugs, appliances should have a fixed storage location, not free to move or move out of the outdoor units, the use of personnel must be approved by the higher authorities.
3. The laboratory is a key place, the non related personnel are not allowed to prohibit entry.
4. All personnel are not allowed to copy or carry controlled information out of the laboratory.
5. Laboratory on the sewer, power supply, fire equipment, etc. must be kept clear, intact, and make ensure that can be enabled at any time; Must be checked regularly.
6. Experimental equipment, equipment should be regularly checked, mainly within the school based.
7. Entering the laboratory must wear work clothes, do not wear the bottom with a sheet of metal, nail shoes.
8. Experimental equipment has a certain range of use and operating procedures, before use must be confirmed whether the use of the method.
9. In the experiment, we should take good care of the instrument, save drugs, materials, keep the laboratory clean and safe.
10. In the experiment, there must be a record of the use of laboratory equipment and instruments, including the use of time, before and after the use of equipment.
11. No one is allowed to smoke, drink or eat in the laboratory.
12. Laboratories such as poisoning fire and explosion accident, the staff don't panic should be in accordance with safety rules to be handled in a timely manner, and timely to the relevant report to the leadership and analyzes its reasons and avoidance scheme, also recorded in the event registration book.
13. The experiment is finished before you leave the room, you must ensure that the experimental equipment, instrument to stop working, turn off the power and water supply; if there are other staff to experiment has yet to be completed and the staff not at the scene, must be contacted to ensure personnel arrived at the scene.