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Lab bench with SS hood for Atomic absorption spectrometer
Lab bench with SS hood for Atomic absorption spectrometer

Atomic absorption hood, atomic absorption ventilation hood, stainless steel atomic absorption hood: it is also commonly referred to as laboratory exhaust hood, which is usually made of 304 stainless steel and requires high temperature resistance and anti-rust treatment.
The detailed description of the product materials is as follows:
1. Material: 304 stainless steel, thickness 1.0mm.
2. Structure introduction: stainless steel gas collecting hood, with manual regulating valve, plus stainless steel pipe.
3. Stainless steel air duct: made of 1.0mm stainless steel, the diameter of the air pipe is DN110mm or 160mm, and the air duct is equipped with a manual regulating valve, the opening degree can be 0 to 180o, and the air volume can be adjusted arbitrarily.
4. Stainless steel gas collecting hood: It is made of 1.0mm stainless steel plate. According to the needs of the experiment, the gas collecting hood can be stretched up and down by 40mm to facilitate the experiment operation.