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Flammable/ Acid storage Cabinet
Flammable/ Acid storage Cabinet
All double cold plate, 38 mm fireproof layer interval, build a strong and reliable security space;
Three linkage steel structure key-lock isolated effectively and rapidly the chemicals from the fire source;Elaborate design of electrostatic grounding conductor is the embodiment of the device is not just a detail, it completely eradicate due to electrostatic spark of potential danger to ark chemicals;50 mm high leakproof chassis design, avoid the possible risk caused by leakage of chemicals spread out of the cabinet put oneself in another's position of;Riot on either side of the tank vent, greatly reduce the chemicals contained in the destructive force of the explosion;Cabinet put oneself in another's position on both sides of every 60 mm with an adjustable layer board, plate can be adjusted height, managers don't because of the liquid container is put.Put fire safety cabinet at heat environment, in the process of 120 min heating when the temperature of the furnace is up to 1010 ℃, fire safety cabinet internal temperature is not higher than 177 ℃, incase of newsprint were not significantly damaged and color changes, and the writing clearly visible
Fire tank can be divided into three kinds, combustible fire ark, flammable fire ark, corrosive fire cabinet.
The three can be from color to distinguish:
(yellow) combustible liquid fire safety cabinet
(red) flammable liquid fire safety cabinet
(blue) weak corrosive combustible liquid fire safety cabinet