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Eyewash procedures

Eyewash procedures
1. Purpose
  Establish eyewash operation and maintenance procedures, guidance staff to master the use of eyewash operation and maintenance methods, and to ensure that at any time in the standby state, to meet the emergency requirements.
2. Scope
 Suitable for Eyewash laboratory use and maintenance management.
3. Responsibilities
3.1 Tests squad responsible for their respective regions eyewash use and maintenance management.
3.2 security officer responsible for the implementation of the procedures of supervision.
4 Management Program
4.1 Role eyewash eyewash emergency facilities belonging to the range, when the workers body, face and other parts of the eye by acids, alkalis, organic compounds and other toxic, corrosive substance abuse, through fast and effective eyewash rinse, spray leaching, so the extent of the damage wounded reduce to a minimum, so as to protect the safety of personnel.
4.2 Use
4.2.1 Eye injuries: Remove red eye nozzle dust cover, red eye reduction valve head, the eye will move to the top of the head red eyes, eye distance and height adjustment water nozzle under water. Red eye in the eye to move head above the water, the water should be blown clear; flushing your eyes open, eyes rotate back and forth; continuous flushing time of not less than 15min, re medical treatment.
4.2.2 physical damage: Remove contaminated clothing, remove red eye nozzle dust cover, red eye reduction nozzle valve. Can not flush when flushing through clothing site of injury; continuous flushing time of not less than 15min, and then determine whether medical treatment according to the actual situation
4.3 Installation and use requirements
4.3.1 should be installed in the vicinity of the source of danger, preferably within 10 seconds to be able to quickly reach the regional eyewash, eyewash straight-line distance to: 10 - 15 meters.
4.3.2 installed on the same level surface as far as possible, it is best to arrive a straight line, to avoid the more layers ambulance.
4.3.3 eyewash 1.5m in radius, can not have electrical switches, to avoid electrical short circuit.
4.3.4 must be connected to drinking water, prohibited the use of recycled water or process water.
4.3.5 Intake diameter of not less than DN25mm, to ensure that the amount of water.
4.3.6 Use only as emergency, prohibited the use in the conventional case.
4.3.7 appliance is placed next to non-point suspension, placing objects.
4.3.8 The total water supply valve must be normally open, not close.
4.3.9 installed around the eyewash, the need for eye-catching signs. Cleaning rescue point must be cleaned confirm and clear all obstacles.
4.3.10 sprinklers for at least 5 or 10 minutes; eye and face wash for at least 15 minutes.
4.4 Maintenance Requirements
4.4.1 Unit weekly water inspection, inspection records should be placed at the site eyewash.
4.4.2 Check the contents include: eyewash signs intact, looks good, no rust, effective valve switch, the main valve is normally open, red eyes nozzle without clogging the filter, the water is normal, the water is clear, whether the wash head protection cover intact, whether corrosion or clogging of the filter.
4.4.3 To flush device insulation.
 5, annex
Eyewash inspection records