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Emergency shower & eyewash operation steps
Emergency shower eyewash operation steps
Before use, open the water inlet control valve (it is recommended that the water inlet control valve is open for a long time).

1. When the shower is needed, pull down the shower switch handle to open the shower valve (opening angle is 90 degrees); push the shower switch handle up to close the shower valve (the ball valve connection handle is closed at 45 degrees above the ball valve, below 45 degrees is on).

2. If you need to wash your eyes, gently push the eyewash switch push plate clockwise (the pedal eyewash can be pressed on the pedal), the eyewash valve opens, pull the pushplate counterclockwise to close the eyewash valve. After use, reset the dust cover.

3. When using the manual anti-freeze anti-freeze eyewash device, you must first close the water inlet control valve, and then open the antifreeze drain valve for more than 15 seconds (during the emptying process, the eyewash hand-push valve and shower hand valve must be open State, after the water in the eyewash pipe is drained, close the shower pull valve, eyewash push valve and drain valve).

4. After using the simple automatic emptying eyewash device, the handwash valve of the eyewash device must be turned on to drain the water in the pipe.

5. In the event of an accident, the victim must choose the shower time according to the degree of invasion of harmful substances, and (recommended continuous flushing for more than 15 minutes) prepare emergency rescue measures during the period.