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Design of laboratory fume hood system
Design of Laboratory Fume Hood System
In a laboratory, especially in the chemical laboratory, ventilation cabinet is most important preparation. Good ventilation cabinet supporting to good ventilation system, it can let originally dangerous experimental operation safer smoothly. Ventilation system can designed according to different needs.
The main features of a certain air volume control system: (1)operation is simple; (2) easy to maintain, and the fault coefficient is low
Technical note: for a certain amount of wind control system refers to the one exhaust fan preparing each fume hood, no connection between the ventilation cabinet, switch one does not affect the other ventilation cabinet. For in the laboratory ventilation cabinet with a smaller number of laboratory.

The main characteristics of inverter control system: (1) reducing investment funds; (2) fault coefficient is low, but the maintenance is more trouble; (3) energy saving
Description: this control system can support multiple ventilation cabinet shared a typhoon machine, by the central control system to regulate the fan speed to adjust the total amount of ventilation, applicable to the laboratory ventilation cabinet number no more than 8 laboratory.

Main characteristics of variable air volume control system: (1) According to the height of the ventilation cabinet door automatically adjust the amount of ventilation, to ensure balanced surface wind speed; (2) After installation, can save energy; (3) To guarantee the ventilation frequency, to ensure maximum safety of personnel
Technical note: complex components of the ventilation system, each station ventilation cabinet preparation have induction device, central processing unit and an execution unit, when the height of the air cabinet door is changed, central processing system to receive a signal from the sensing device, the control actuator movement to change the amount of ventilation. Suitable for large R & D center or a laboratory fume hood and a large number of laboratory, late in the use process, effectively save energy, reduce operating costs.

The most important function of the fume hood is discharged harmful gas generated in the process of the experiment, to protect the health of laboratory personnel. In order to achieve this goal, we must guarantee in the fume hood opening with a suction velocity, which we usually refer to the surface wind speed. The main factors that determine the wind speed on the surface of the ventilation cabinet are the experimental content and the nature of harmful substances. The provisions of the wind speed on the surface of all countries are not the same, more commonly used are: DIN 12924 (Germany), the domestic standard, BS7258 (UK), 110-1995 ANSI/ASHRAE (United States).

Customers in the choice of ventilation cabinet, often think ventilation cabinet surface wind speed and the bigger, the better. Actually otherwise, surface wind speed is high, under the same conditions, the fume hood exhaust volume is greater, it will bring a lot of unfavorable factors. 
1) The Increase in the Initial Investment of Equipment
Including: exhaust equipment, air supply equipment, air treatment equipment, air conditioning equipment, noise reduction and vibration control equipment and control equipment in six parts.
2) The project installation cost and construction difficulty increases ventilation cabinet exhaust air volume increases
The corresponding equipment model and pipe size are increased, which is bound to increase the cost of construction projects, increase the difficulty of the project construction, delay the progress of the project construction.
3) Reduce Building Height Increasing Ventilation Cabinet Exhaust Air Volume
In order to achieve the ideal effects of exhaust, pipe size accordingly to increase. Because the pipeline is usually installed in the ceiling, the wind pipe size is bound to reduce the ceiling height, reduce the building height, resulting in space suppress flu.
4) System Noise Increases System Equipment Types Increase
This is the system in the running process of noise and vibration will increase. Although increased noise and vibration equipment in the system, but by the type of equipment increase caused by the additive noise and vibration and can not completely eliminate.
5) Operating Expenses Increased Equipment Types Increase
It will also increase the corresponding input electric power. Therefore, system total operating cost will be greatly increased. In order to maintain a certain indoor temperature, air conditioning equipment must burden due to the fume hood exhaust cause energy loss.