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Blance table
 Brief introduction
Balance table, high temperature table, bench
Balance table, high temperature table, bench
Balance table for high-precision requirements, interference experiments specially designed experimental equipment on the basis of supporting a strong damping effect. It can control a variety of devices for use in shock when interference resistance when the road vehicle friction with the ground shaking on the use of the interference, when the Earth's natural resistance movement against the use of the interference, resistance to interference with the use of natural variations in weather; ensure in the course of the experiment accuracy. Platform design for the three days of shock absorption, namely: table body, table, table and instruments; damping level of ten parts per million.
paragraph scope
Bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-analysis, plant culture, environmental testing electronic instrumentation and scientific research and so on.
wood folding platform Days
Balance table, high-temperature 
Balance table, high-temperature 
1) surface material: Phenolic resin composite veneers, surface 1.0mm phenolic resin chemical plate; bottom surface 1.0mm phenolic resin balance board; substrate 12 + 12 + 12 (mm) MDF combined into 39mm; three materials composite stick pressure The total thickness of 40mm; mesa peripheral edge materials with PVC special edge.
Using 300 * 500 * 80mm black natural granite countertops, embedded in phenolic resin composite countertops. This table specifically for placing the instrument balance.
the main support frame
1) using 2.0mm thick cold rolled steel processing, the surface of epoxy resin powder coating. Connector with 1.0mm thick cold rolled steel processing, the surface of epoxy resin powder coating. With the overall standard composite structure.
parts subsidiary
1) Socket: laboratory dedicated security products. Dust-proof, splash, waterproof, anti-acid-base properties. Material PC fire retardant materials;
2) Adjustable feet in combination: a non-slip, shock absorption, acid corrosion, strong load-bearing characteristics and functions;
shockproof Balance table,
Balance table design for the three days of shock absorption, namely: shock absorber damping table body part, part of the damping granite, granite and laboratory equipment parts; damping level of ten parts per million.
the main cabinet
1) the main frame is made of 60 * 40 * 2mm rectangular steel imports after the carbon dioxide produced welded into a C-shaped steel brackets, connectors support beam using 60 * 40 * 2mm rectangular steel pipe imports, surface degreasing, pickling, phosphate treatment for rust and then electrostatic powder coating EPOXY acid corrosion-resistant protective layer made surface treatment, the adhesion of the protective layer by coating EPOXY drop impact test was tested; frame static load> 500 kg.
2) pumping surface and cabinet door: 18mm thick home-made high-quality environment-friendly MDF, sticky surface pressure of domestic high-quality 1.0mm thick pearl face Firewood, by all sections by domestic high-quality 2.0mm thick PVC edge water treatment, surrounded by do chamfer smooth handling, looks beautiful, smooth.
Balance table
1) Table: 38mm thick high-quality emery marble production, making the body more stable table.
Folding parts subsidiary
1) Hinges: domestic high-quality full-opening 90-175 degrees quality chrome-plated steel hinges, and cabinet surface horizontal angle & lt; 15 degrees, the door to shut itself down, elasticity, appearance, no noise during use, free to open and close more than 50,000 times.
2) Handle: stainless steel handle or slotted PVC dark handle.