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Biological laboratory (P2) design requirements
Biological laboratory (P2) design requirements

P2 laboratory is a classification of the safety level of the biological laboratory. In the present various types of laboratories, P2 laboratory is the most widely used biological safety laboratory, its rating is P1, P2, P3 and P4. The World Health Organization (who) according to the dangerous degree of the pathogenicity and infection, infectious microorganisms division for four types. According to the condition of equipment and technology, the biological laboratory is also divided into 4 (commonly known as P1, P2, P3, P4 laboratory). Level 1 is the lowest, 4 is the highest level.

P1 laboratory generally applicable to non pathogenic microorganisms in healthy adults. The P2 is in medium potentially harmful microorganisms on people and the environment; P3 applicable to mainly through respiratory pathway enable people infected with a serious or even fatal disease causing microorganisms or their toxins; P4 is suitable for is highly dangerous to the human body, through the aerosol route propagation or route of transmission is unknown. At present, there is no effective vaccine or treatment methods of pathogenic microorganisms or toxins.

P2 lab is mainly used for primary health services, diagnosis and research, the hazard rating of the experimental subjects for secondary (secondary harm to the individual and groups of finite harm), specifically defined as "can cause human or animal disease, but under normal circumstances of health workers, groups, livestock or the environment will not be caused serious harm of the pathogens. Laboratory infection does not lead to serious illness, have got effective treatment and preventive measures, and spread risk is limited". 

According to the above, the national standard of the national standard of biological safety laboratory building technical specifications for the BLS-2 laboratory provides the following technical indicators (static):
(1)Cleanliness: no requirement
(2)The pressure difference between adjacent rooms adjacent to the outdoor direction: -20Pa
(3)Temperature: 18~27
(4)Relative humidity:30%~70%
(5)Noise dB (A): less than 60
(6)Minimum illumination lx:300

Index of appeal is to establish minimum requirements for P2 lab, builders can be an appropriate increase in the corresponding index according to the actual need, such as cleanliness, pressure and so on.