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Basis of Laboratory Furniture Design
Basis of laboratory furniture design

1. <Code for acceptance of construction quality of ventilation and air conditioning engineering> (GB50243-2002)
2. <A concise handbook of ventilation design>
3. <Warm health, ventilation, air conditioning technology handbook>
4. <City regional environmental noise emission standards>
5. <Code for design of environmental protection machinery industry> (JBJ 16-2000)
6. <The people's Republic of China machinery industry standard ventilation cabinet>
7. General specification of national standard GB/T3324-1995 wood furniture
8. General specification of national standard GB/T3325-1995 metal furniture
9. Limit of harmful substances of the national standard GB18584-2001 wood furniture
10. The national standard GB5296.6 - 2004< consumer use (sixth part furniture)>
11. Standard QB/T1951.1-1994 wood furniture
12. Standard QB/T1951.2-1994 metal furniture 
13. Standard QB/T2530-2001 wooden cabinet
14. Standard QB/T2348-1998 wooden desk
15. Party A shall provide relevant information and information industry (requirements)

The standard if there is an update on the implementation, in the updated national and departmental standards.